Excited to change the world with the help of additive manufacturing technology?
WASP Hub Umeå is the first 3D printing WASP Hub facility and community in Sweden and the Nordics (Norway, Sweden and Finland)!
Join the WASP Hub community in Umeå!

site: https://www.tii.se/projects/wasp-hub-umea
email:  3dprint@wasphubumea.se
tel: +46730406604
address:  Storgatan 65, 90330 Umeå Sweden


Workshop and Courses

Provided by RISE

3D Printing Service

provided by 4DNordic

3D Printers pieces Sales

provided by 4DNordic

Sales of WASP 3D Printers

provided by 4DNordic

Technical Support

provided by 4DNordic

Projects Development

Provided by RISE


WASP Hub Umeå. Together, we form a global network and community with 3D printing experts, makers, creatives, explorers, artists, designers and you name it.
RISE Interactive Umeå offers together with 4D Nordic a diverse range of services. Our core aim is within experimental prototyping, material innovation and working with complexity and transformation.
rivendere stampanti 3d


Olov Långström

Provide3D Modeling expert & Technical Supportd by RISE

Ronald Helgers

 Communication & 3D Modeling Artist

Ambra Trotto

Manager of external WASP Hub relations

Nigel Papworth

Regional Research Developer

Jeroen Peeters

RISE Research Developer

Fredrik Nilbrink

Electronics Intelligence Integration Expert

Rosa van der Veen

Interaction Designer

Martina Bambi

Intern & Material Designer


WASP Hub is a Workspace equipped with a wide range of machines designed for Digital Fabrication. We want to make the WASP experience known around the World. Scattered Operating units spread in different areas in the World thought and created to share any discover, innovation, and job opportunities with the Hub Network.
A work environment to produce objects thought to meet many search fields: Food, Health, House, Energy, Digital Fabrication, Art and Culture.