Arche 3d, WASP Hub Mantova is an innovative startup with a social vocation located in Mantua in a multifunctional space, which includes space for workshops, courses, sculpture lab, photography lab, design and 3D printing lab, Arche 3d aims to design and manufacture artefacts through the use of digital design and manufacturing technologies; these products are characterized by a high formal and technological value, the will is to exploit the potential of three-dimensional design by applying the formal complexity to useful and functional purposes for humankind thanks to the material return of the digital model.

site: www.Arche3d.it
email:  info@arche3d.it
tel: +39 0376 1888028
address: Viale Valle d’Aosta 18, Mantova, Italy


and Courses
3D Printing
3D Printers pieces Sales
Sales of WASP
3D Printers
Technical Support
Projects Development


Arche 3d, WASP Hub Mantova as major activity offers: three-dimensional design and modeling, 3D printing service, sale of 3D printed parts, sale of WASP machines and assistance, courses and workshops of modeling, 3D printing and photogrammetry, specific for various sectors, collaborative research activities. The major research activities are related to the modular housing project in 3D molded formwork, design projects related to natural morphological principles, project of establishment and training of a prosthetic arts laboratory in Syria at the University of Mechanical Engineering of Damascus , project of a multisensory meditative cell.



Carlo Masgoutiere

 Project Developer                  

Corrado Bondioli Bettinelli

Technical Manger

Marco Patuzzo

Problem solver – relations          

Simone Veronesi


WASP Hub is a Workspace equipped with a wide range of machines designed for Digital Fabrication. We want to make the WASP experience known around the World. Scattered Operating units spread in different areas in the World thought and created to share any discover, innovation, and job opportunities with the Hub Network.
A work environment to produce objects thought to meet many search fields: Food, Health, House, Energy, Digital Fabrication, Art and Culture.