Design for Craft is a design and fabrication lab for tech-craftsmanship that was founded in Macerata in 2013 by Carlo De Mattia, Emilio Antinori and Vincenzo Franchino. The innovative start-up was born aiming at testing out and developing manufacturing shapes, processes, production, and innovative surface treatments in the field of digital manufacturing. Since the very beginning, Design for Craft has worked following a new kind of approach to product design and halfway processes including both craftsmanship and industry, and keeping its focus on the need to confer the final product features to the 3D printed prototype. Therefore, the start-up develops world’s first new materials in the field of FDM 3D printing by launching the project Stick Filament®.
Currently, besides new kind of application of polymers for large format 3D printing (DeltaWASP 3MT solutions), Design for Craft is working on 3D modelling, rapid prototyping, small series design, and research on new materials for 3D printed home design products.

Design for Craft srls

sito: www.designforcraft.com

email:  lab@designforcraft.com

tel: Emilio  + 39 3495945995

indirizzo: Via E.Mattei, 151 Corridonia, Macerata. Italy


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Design for Craft focuses its activity on the design, development and prototyping of innovative products for industrial design, small series design and unique pieces. At the same time, he deals with material research, divulgation, training and consulting in the field of new technologies and strategic management of production processes.


Emilio Antinori


Vincenzo Franchino

WASP Hub is a Workspace equipped with a wide range of machines designed for Digital Fabrication. We want to make the WASP experience known around the World. Scattered Operating units spread in different areas in the World thought and created to share any discover, innovation, and job opportunities with the Hub Network.

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