WASP HUB Barcelona is curated by NOUMENA . A New Space specialized in 3D Printing Service, Consulting, Design and technical support in the center of Barcelona.

site: https://wasp3d.noumena.io/
email: info@noumena.io
tel: T.(+34) 937 420 927 M.(+34) 652964886
Indirizzo: NOUMENA Design . Research . Education s.l. - Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 690, Eixample, 08010, Barcelona, Spain


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We operate in a multiscalar environment,  blending codes, biology, robotics and programmable materials into a data-informed workflow. We embrace state of the art design solutions, mixing environmental strategies with computational thinking from urban scale to robotic fabrication.


Aldo Sollazzo

is an architect and researcher. Master in Architectonic Design in 2007, Master in Advanced Architecture at IAAC [Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia] in 2012, Fab Academy diploma in 2014 in the Fab Lab Barcelona, Aldo is an expert in computational design and digital fabrication. Aldo is the founder of Noumena and Reshape as well as director of IAAC Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction (MRAC).

Starsky Lara

Starsk is a computation designer & product development Engineer, with experience in manufacturing, computer science and IoT, Master of Advanced Architecture (M.Arch) at IaaC and Master in Product Engineering and Manufacturing Processes (M.ENG) at UPC. In 2013, He was part of project Eolic as Software Developer. In 2014 he became part of Noumena by developing NERO. Currently, he is developing VR-Edge, a Virtual reality tool for Web, with which designers and journalists can build a new internet experience.

Marco Sanalitro

is an architect and maker. He has worked in several architectural Studios in Italy, Spain and Portugal where he was involved in research, design and urban projects. He has obtained a Fab Academy Diploma in 2015. He has worked as a Community Manager, Technical Manager, Consultant, Digital Fabrication Expert at the Fab Lab Lazio (Italy) and for private companies. Currently, he is the Fab Lab Barcelona Communication Manager and he is part of Noumena.

WASP Hub is a Workspace equipped with a wide range of machines designed for Digital Fabrication. We want to make the WASP experience known around the World. Scattered Operating units spread in different areas in the World thought and created to share any discover, innovation, and job opportunities with the Hub Network.

A work environment to produce objects thought to meet many search fields: FoodHealthHouseEnergyDigital FabricationArt and Culture.