The need to stop or interrupt the printing and to get it back at the same point, has been the motivation to create the Resurrection System.


It Makes possible to download the inertia on the hanging rubber-bands, improving like that the printing speed and quality.


It allows to print a file starting from a precise height of the model to be printed, height previously selected.



DeltaWASP 20 40 Turbo

Is it Italian the fastest 3D printer in the World?

The fastest printer for your projects. Up to 1000 mm/s from idea to finished product.
Absolute precision, versatility and reliability. Turbo.


DeltaWASP 40 70

Fast and accurate for small and large prints

The ideal printer for anyone who wants to start a small series production or for internal fast prototyping of new products. Rapidity and accuracy on a microscopic and macroscopic scale.


DeltaWASP 60 100

Big sizes

Developed for those who need huge size prints that are also rapid and precise.
Thought for Companies that intend to start small series internal productions and rapid prototyping activities.



With DeltaWASP 3MT dreams come true: a multi-tool machine to create your objects as you please. With this versatile custom-made machine you will easily produce all you want in a short time.

Three incredible tools in a 3-meters-high printer. All you need from 3D technology to turn your ideas into products.

Clay Kit - LDM WASP Extruder

Combinable with all WASP printers

The extruder for fluid-dense materials, easily combinable with all WASP 3D printers. Ideal for clay, ceramic, porcelain, allumina, zirconia and advanced ceramics. Developed to support digital craftsmanship and self productions.



A new approach to DLP printing

Combine the TOP DOWN PRINTER characteristics with innovative solutions such as SELF PEELING TECHNOLOGY.
The DLP printer uses a projector to emit UV light. This carefully modulated light polymerizes a photosensitive resin, solidifying it.
The light generates the object in layers, and results in an accurate and precisely rendered object. This printer is best for high-precision models; such as for micromechanics and jewelry.

BigDeltaWASP Custom Series

For large size components

Special 3D printers for the production of large size components. Though for the world of housing, restoration, theatrical scenography, experimentation, and so on. Modular and adaptable to any size, this machine can extrude a wide variety of materials at different densities, spacing from clay and cement to cellulose.

BigDeltaWASP 12m

The Reality of dream

A 3D printer resulted from a research project in the field of sustainable housing construction with locally available materials and low costs. This has been WASP’s primary objective since the very start.


Set your creativity free!

The first 3D printer that can: Mill, Engrave, Cut fabrics and Extrude dense fluid materials with syringe. Perfect to turn ideas into projects.

Product no longer in production.


The open source printer

The Delta Open is born in a shared environment with the goal to create a free access technology for everyone. It's the ideal product for hobbyist and schools. The Delta Open is an easy printer for high performances and it is completely open source.

Product no longer in production.

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