3d printing in medicine

Cut down the prices of Healthcare System to make it affordable for everyone thanks to 3D printing.
The WASPmed project elaborates 3D printing solutions for the medical field, proposing a new model of Orthopedic Workshop. WASPmed is a a working group that connects Researcher and Experts for 3d medical applications. The goal is to develop processes, machines and materials working side by side with doctors and technicians, committed to find qualified and low-cost solutions for the community.

Dr. Lelio Leoncini

Lelio Leoncini has a degree in Medicine and Surgery, specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He works as a freelancer in Acquaviva delle Fonti (Bari) and is the medical director of the Sanatrix Medical Center in Rionero in Vulture (Potenza).

Dr. Villiam Dallolio

He has been working as a neuro-surgeon in Lecco for over 40 years. Expert in stereotactic surgery, cerebral neuro-endoscopy and use of the neuronavigator. In 1998 he began a research on the applications of rapid prototyping in neurosurgery.

Dr. Andrea Lombardo

Andrea Lombardo, graduate in Orthopedic Techniques and Sole Director of Cad Ortopedia srl ​​u.s. His mission is to achieve modular prostheses combining manual knowledge with high technology through the use of cutting-edge materials.


DeltaWASP 20 40 TURBO2 - The fastest desktop 3D printer with FDM technology. Flexible and reliable, it is suitable for printing tech-materials.


DeltaWASP 40 70 INDUSTRIAL - Large 3D printer with large print area. Print technical materials at high temperatures. Flexible and reliable.


BODY SCANNER WASP - The four-column body scanner captures surface shapes in few seconds. Effective tool for generating customized patient aids.


COMPUTER + SOFTWARE - The necessary softwares, contained in the supplied PC, to process the scan up to the creation of 3D printing.


FILAMENTS - The knowledge of materials is essential for the realization of an efficient device. Here the best materials for medical applications selected by WASP are available.

A new job-title borns, a person who is at the medical service using the digital fabrication devices.

The Digital Orthopedic Laboratory is a fabbrication centers net that thanks to the shared planning , looks for and realises low cost-solutions in the medical field; offering skills and necessary instruments to realize advanced medical devices. Inside the laboratory you can find detecting- shapes- machines and instruments for data processing and for the production of orthopedic aids . A new model of orthopedic laboratory , repeatable, exportable and implantable everywhere , in developing countries too.

The Digital Orthopedic Laboratory is based on a net of experts who exchange their knowledge and who give shape to aids throught the digital fabbrication: the technical know-how takes shape wherever a Digital Orthopedic Laboratory exists, to offer high quality services also where no appropiate medical structures are present. The installation of a ODD requires only of a scanner (shape -dedecting apparatus), a 3d printer, filaments and one technician formed inside this project.

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